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Facial care: These are the 4 must-haves for a beautiful skin!

The range of cosmetics for facial care is huge and always has new “must-haves” ready. We reveal which products you REALLY need for a radiant skin!

Bad news for all whose facial -Routine consists of only one cream: From the middle of 20, the skin needs more to keep her radiance. Beauty experts recommend exactly four products when it comes to facial care: Day cream, night cream, serum and eye care ,

This sounds like a lot, but is the simple answer to the fact that the needs of the skin differ from day to night and in certain areas of the face.

Which facial care suits my skin?

The skin type is the most important criterion when choosing the right face care. Oily skin needs other products than dry. But external influences such as the weather or the humidity also play a role in facial care: In freezing temperatures in the winter the skin changes – it gets less fat and loses moisture.

In the summer, on the other hand, the heat gets the sebaceous glands moving and the complexion becomes oily. Good facial care has to react to these changes, in other words: an oil-free gel wanders into the beach bag, but a rich cream in the suitcase towards skiing holidays.

Facial care: These are the fantastic four!

To optimally care for your skin and maintain its resilience and radiance, you should invest in the following four facial care basics:

1. A day cream

Moisture and protection are the two essential basic needs of the skin – the day cream fills them. It provides the facial skin with the essential moisture it needs to function well and to look fresh and firm. Like a flowerbed, the cells lose water during the day. The day cream strengthens with oils the skin’s own protective film. It prevents the evaporation from becoming too great and drying out the skin.

There should still be antioxidants and vitamins come – they brake early wrinkles and support the skin’s defense. Also indispensable is an SPF, which should be at least 15, better still 20 in winter – Anti-Aging could not be easier.

 © Shiseido

2nd night cream

The night cream is more than just a nice Betthupferl for the skin: It fills up their moisture reserves and supports with special ingredients of their regeneration. It’s running at full speed while we’re sleeping. The result is a visibly refreshed complexion in the morning.

 © Clarins

Night creams are often a bit richer than day creams. For oily skin there are lower fat products that do the job just as well. Anyone who has a particularly oily complexion can only support the skin at night with a special serum that works without any fats.

3. Eye cream

Good facial care takes into account that the face consists of different zones, sometimes even different skin types. A real special case is the area around the eyes. Here, the skin is extremely thin and is at the same time heavily strained by blinking or rubbing. At least from the end of 20 is one Eye cream therefore no more free-choice, but obligatory.

 © Kiehl’s

Its ingredients protect the delicate lot, avoid creases due to dryness, and minimize the risk of early facial expression wrinkles (‘crow’s feet’). Eye care also contains special oils. Unlike those in the day cream, they do not “spread” (as it is called when fat ‘spreads’ by itself on the skin). Nasty burning in the eyes is therefore excluded!

4. Serum

Serums are more than an entertaining beauty hype. In serums, active ingredients are more concentrated than in day or night care. They are a care extra, which is particularly good for the skin when it stresses stress, too much sun, one-sided nutrition or too little sleep.

 © Vichy

And let’s face it, something is always the case, is not it? Therefore, beauticians recommend women over 30 to use a serum in the morning and in the evening – in each case before the appropriate cream. However, serums alone are not enough because they contain no substances that protect the skin surface.

Facial care: The right mix makes it

Only the interaction of all four basic care products makes the ideal facial care. A mix of different brands is ok, but the products of a manufacturer or a care series are coordinated and complement each other optimally. It does not have to be premium products. Even with a small beauty budget, the skin can be maintained effectively. Good products are characterized less by the price than by the following criteria:

  • they contain well-tolerated (possibly allergy-tested) substances that are listed on the package
  • they smell only slightly or come out ideally without fragrances
  • they have an expiration date (which of course has not yet been exceeded)
  • They indicate for which skin type or skin need they are suitable
  • they contain hardly any preservatives or dyes as well as emulsifiers

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