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Oil for every skin type? Sounds funny at first? But it is not! Because oils can do something for every skin type thanks to their often very different components. There are paraffin-based oils that protect the skin against external influences, and vegetable oils that tend to care for and penetrate deeper into the skin.

It differentiates vegetable oils again into dry and non-dry oils, the former quickly penetrate into the skin, the latter only partially penetrate and leave a thin film on the skin. Sensitive skin especially needs help in strengthening the natural skin barrier. In addition, she is quickly irritated and easily reacts to redness. Jojoba, evening primrose, currant, almond, camellia and borage seed oils are best for sensitive skin.

Dry skin, on the other hand, needs care and hydration, as well as fatty acids and lipids that help the skin to keep the moisture better. The best are argan, pomegranate, wild rose, almond, macadamia nut and olive oil.

But also oily and oily skin can be improved by oils – As absurd as that sounds. But many oils help to heal pimples and support problem skin. The following oils are not comedogenic, so do not clog your pores!

Oils can be used both as a moisturizer on the face slightly moistened after washing, or as intensive care overnight.


Serums are the new all-rounders in the world of cosmetics. They are attributed to a variety of skills, they should tighten, moisten, matt and fight wrinkles. They usually consist of highly concentrated antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and skin proteins. So their effect is much stronger than that of a normal cream.

Serums penetrate very deep into the skin, deeper than any cream, so they should always be applied under the care cream, so they are not separated by the cream of the skin. Serums are available for every skin problem and they should always be adapted to the specific needs of the skin – which can change with seasonal changes. A serum is usually relatively expensive, but also very productive and currently the best remedy for firm and healthy skin.

Natural facial care

Even if high-quality creams care for particularly demanding skin, one can resort to completely natural remedies. If you find that creams may irritate your skin too much and you want to focus on natural care, these tips will help you:

coconut oil : Stars like Candice Swanepoel swear by coconut oil. It can be used for make-up removal and cleansing, but also as a face care and intensive treatment overnight. The oil is antibacterial and helps to heal pimples and can even visibly improve acne. Coconut oil also helps against wrinkles because it moisturises the skin. Even skin diseases we eczema or psoriasis can be fought with the precious oil and relieve.

lemon : Especially unbeatable in the morning – lemon juice! Clean your face with some freshly squeezed lemon juice. First of all, this is a real freshness kick and second, lemon disinfects impurities and dries pimples. Even in a mask, you can use the soothing effect of lemon – Mix a little lemon juice with cottage cheese and honey and wear it on the face for 10-15 minutes.

Dairy products Whether it’s curds, yoghurt or exotic products such as goat’s milk, these products provide your skin with plenty of moisture and are good for cleansing. Quark masks are especially popular, but you can also model yourself on Model Amber Valetta and cleanse the face with goat’s milk – For radiant skin that always looks young and taut.

DIY facial care

Of course, facial care does not always have to be expensive and out of the store. The above-mentioned natural facial care products can also be mixed into DIY masks, which can be used to care for the face naturally and quickly at home.

Black mask

By now they have heard of them: These black masks, which are pulled off the face while removing all blackheads. But before you order the product expensive, you can also simply mix the mask itself.

Anti-pimple DIY

These home remedies help against pimples! Whether mask or peeling, find your method against redness and inflammation.

Face care routine

This facial routine is great for slightly blemished skin, but also for any other skin type. You can just imitate them and supplement them with your own favorite products.


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