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Ill: What to do? How to help yourself?

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  • published: 26.04.2018
Ill: What to do?  How to help yourself?

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You are sick. They would like to do something for themselves to get well soon. You do not just want to swallow medications and you do not just want to trust conventional medicine. You want to rely on the self-healing powers of your body. Holistic measures will help you! No matter what you suffer from, there is always something you can do to help you feel better. We explain how to proceed when you are ill. You will see: Soon it will be up again!

Sick – and what you can do about it

We often receive emails asking for help, which could be best done with this or that disease. Sometimes it is diseases that are common, sometimes very rare.

For many diseases we have already written articles with a corresponding catalog of measures. Here are some examples:

But with the plethora of existing diseases, there will always be one or the other disease for which we have not published any information.

Then our readers write: “Please bring an article on warts, xanthelasma, esophageal cancer, pulmonary fibrosis, and so on. It completely forgets what our portal is all about: the holistic view of things!

It is conventional medicine that gives each disease its own name and then treats its individual symptoms. For illness x there is this drug, for illness y that and again for illness z another.

Illness: The lost balance

From a holistic perspective, however, disease is the condition that occurs when the body loses its healthy balance, when it can no longer protect itself against pathogens and / or can no longer compensate for its detoxification and detoxification capabilities due to years of congestion. And it is exactly this balance that has to be found again – no matter what name the disease carries.

Therefore, it is always the same holistic measures that form the holistic concept of disease. These measures belong to one of the following two areas:

  • One avoids that which harms the body.
  • You give the body what it was missing and what it needs to be able to initiate the healing process undisturbed.

These measures have the following effects:

  • They inhibit and relieve chronic inflammatory processes associated with probably every disease.
  • They provide antioxidants and reduce oxidative stress.
  • They provide the nutrients and vital substances needed for healing and regeneration.
  • They support the body’s own detoxification and slag removal.
  • They restore the intestinal flora and regenerate the intestinal mucosa.
  • They regulate and strengthen the immune system.
  • They ensure a healthy fatty acid ratio (increase omega 3, reduce omega 6).
  • They lead to a healthy body weight.

So it’s about supporting the body so that it can heal itself. The holistic approach therefore focuses on the mobilization of self-healing.

Specific therapies are selected individually

If, on the other hand, you are looking for concrete so-called complementary medical forms of therapy, a suitably trained doctor or alternative practitioner is the right contact person. Because from a distance – without knowing the patient, his condition, his values, etc. – it is not possible to recommend a specific therapy.

So one decides very individually whether a high-dose vitamin C therapy could be promising in each case, one hyperthermia , a therapy with DMSO, one mistletoe , one Healing Hypnosis , the cupping , the neural therapy , one fasting . acupuncture , Irradiation with infrared light or whatever.

The holistic basic measures, on the other hand, form the basis that can be implemented independently of the complaints. They are practiced less to combat an illness, but rather to strengthen the body, so that it can fight the disease itself or even better coping with side effects of traditional medical therapies.


The holistic basic concept for diseases

The holistic basic concept for diseases consists of the following measures:

1. Nutrition change / optimization of nutrition

Optimizing nutrition is one of the most important steps when you are ill and want to help yourself to get well soon. Surely you have read or heard that there are no specific diets that could cure this or that disease. That’s true. A diet does not really exist. However, diets are diets that are only practiced over a few days or weeks for a short time.

But if you want to get well again, then it’s not about just taking a four-week diet and you’re fit again. Instead, the diet is permanently changed. One does this because one has understood that the previous diet did more harm than good. So why should you ever want to return to this problematic diet?

Ideal for a permanent diet is the over-abundant, plant-based and nutrient-rich whole foods from as fresh as possible prepared meals from regional and seasonal food. The staple foods are fruits, vegetables, salads, herbs, sprouts, nuts, seeds, potatoes, whole grains and legumes. It is supplemented by high-quality oils and possibly vegetable proteins (eg tempeh, tofu, protein powder).

The optimal drink is water. From time to time a cup of herbal, bark or green tea can be drunk.

If you are overweight, the diet described above will automatically lead to weight regulation sooner or later.

If you feel overwhelmed with the diet change, you can consult a holistic nutritionist or the 4-week detox carry out. In the course of these four weeks, you will learn many tips and tricks for the proper cooking and are then almost a professional in the healthy preparation of your food.

Suggestions for Nutrition plans with recipes you will also find on our page. Of course you can in our recipe section also put together daily their meal plan.

Many people choose very specific diets, eg. As the raw food or the Nutrition to Budwig because they are convinced of their healing potential. If you are also attracted to a very specific diet – even though it may be called “extreme” by the outside world – pull off your thing! Once you have set off on the path of a new way of life and feel the urgent desire to strive for the very best for yourself and your body, then you feel which diet is for you the ultimate.

2. Discard harmful habits

The harmful habits, the drugs and stimulants that burden the body, straining its detoxification capacity and discouraging it from important regeneration processes are part of it Smoke . steam . alcohol . caffeine . sugar Sweets, joints and tougher drugs.

Go through one vice at a time and look for healthy alternatives that also stimulate the reward center in the brain (Sport, meditation , Dancing, music , Employment with your children and / or pets, reading a book comfortably, planning a trip, etc.).

What is important here is a completely different approach: Do I really believe that it is pleasure when I do something that damages my own body? Am I so dependent and weak that I need drugs (caffeine, nicotine, etc.) to handle everyday life? Can not I manage to live happily without artificial stimulants?

Once you have managed to shake off those annoying and often costly habits, you will not believe it after half a year at the latest that you have actually consumed all these “things” and were still convinced that it will give you enjoyment ,

3. Optimization of vital substance supply / elimination of vital substance deficiencies

The vital substances include vitamins, minerals, trace elements and, to some extent, phytochemicals (carotenoids, flavonoids, etc.), which may have very different properties. Although the existence of vital substance deficiencies in the industrialized nations from the official side is contested consistently, we have already in our article on the wide spread of vital substance deficiencies demonstrated that vitamin and mineral deficiencies are by no means a rarity for us.

If there is a disease, then the current vital substance status should be checked. Information can be found here: Vitamin deficiency – the diagnosis and Mineral deficiency – the diagnosis , Depending on the findings, then either the diet can be changed accordingly or you can choose the appropriate Dietary supplements to remedy the existing deficiencies.

One should also think of a possible KPU (cryptopyrroluria) – a metabolic disorder that is often not even aware of the affected person. Especially people who suffer from a chronic disease (or more) are often affected by a KPU.

If the KPU is then repaired, the healing process can begin now. Details about KPU, its diagnosis and therapy, can be found here: KPU – cause of many complaints

4. Have food intolerances clarified

Many people unknowingly suffer from food intolerance and / or intolerance. As a result, they regularly eat things that they can not tolerate and therefore make them sick or weaken their immune system, thus contributing to a susceptibility to numerous diseases and preventing healing processes.

If, on the other hand, one knows which foods one can not tolerate, one avoids these and relieves his body enormously in this way.

Common intolerances are the lactose intolerance , the histamine intolerance , the fructose intolerance and the gluten intolerance as well as the milk protein intolerance.

Let clarify whether you suffer from an incompatibility and if necessary take the appropriate measures, which you find under the respective links, whereby the best measure with the milk protein intolerance simply represents the Milchproduktekarenz, thus the avoidance of milk products of all kind.

5. Increase of the antioxidant intake

Probably every chronic disease is accompanied by a massive increase in oxidative stress. Oxidative stress damages each individual cell, leading to tissue damage, can contribute to mutations and promotes chronic inflammatory processes , The latter are usually already present in case of illness and are now being fueled. Oxidative stress also accelerates the aging process, so it is not worth striving for.

antioxidants reduce the oxidative stress level and protect against its negative effects. So you increased at the latest in an existing disease, the supply of antioxidant food (fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, nuts) or takes appropriate dietary supplements (vitamin C (acerola powder, sea buckthorn juice, etc.), vitamin E (Moringa, wheat germ o. ä.) astaxanthin . OPC . curcumin . sulforaphane . Aronia Etc.).

6. Balance fatty acid intake

Today’s diet generally provides an unfavorable omega-3-omega-6 ratio. Both omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids are polyunsaturated fatty acids with different properties. In the right ratio of about 5: 1 (omega 6 to omega 3) both fatty acids are very important and healthy.

But most of the omega-6 fatty acids outweigh omega-3 fatty acids, which can lead to an exacerbation of chronic inflammation. Since these are – as mentioned several times – among the main causes of chronic diseases, pro-inflammatory behaviors are consistently to be avoided.

Omega-6 fatty acids are found in animal fats, in cereal products and especially in most vegetable oils (thistle oil, sunflower oil, etc.). Oils rich in omega-3 fatty acids, on the other hand, are linseed oil and hemp oil. What you should look for when supplying enough omega-3 fatty acids is explained here: Cover omega-3 needs

7. Movement

Man is for Move and therefore can only stay healthy if it moves regularly (daily!) vigorously. Otherwise it comes to muscle loss, to tension of the remaining muscles, hardening in the soft tissue (keyword fascia ) as well as to dysfunctions of the organs. Circulatory and lymphatic systems come to a standstill, which leads to a deficient supply of nutrients and oxygen to the cells and to a limited toxicity and slag elimination. Lack of exercise thus creates the very best conditions for getting sick as quickly as possible.

So move. Pay attention to balance here as well. Do not concentrate exclusively on strength training or only on endurance training. Switch off – and forget about the holistic forms of movement such as yoga and Tai chi not, which focus not only on the body, but on the unity of body, mind and breath.

But also daily walks or that Mini trampoline help to keep the body going in a simple way.

8. Mobilization of the lymphatic system

As already mentioned under 6., a powerful lymphatic system is extremely important for getting well. The lymphatic system is practically the “treatment plant” of our body. In the lymph nodes pathogens and cancer cells are turned off and passed on to the intestine for discharge. Even old cells, slags and toxins can be easily removed from the bloodstream by a strong lymphatic system.

Mobilize your lymphatic system! The best way to do this is exercise (see 6.). Other measures include self-massage, like the abdominal massage and the Dry brush massage , Many tips for activating your lymphatic system can be found in our article on Purification of the lymphatic system ,

For certain forms of cancer, caution should be exercised when activating the lymphatic system. Exercise is of course still a key to healing, but with lymphatic drainage or strong massages you should be careful and therefore in case of illness discuss the matter with the doctor.

9. Renovation of the intestinal flora / intestinal cleansing (possibly combined with liver cleansing)

In recent years, the relationships between the state of the intestine and the general health have been intensively researched. Always more scientist For example, the influence of the intestinal flora on the onset of disease or the leaky gut syndrome, which is now considered the cause of many complaints.

It does not matter if depressions . chronic fatigue . diabetes . Autoimmune diseases . arthrosis . eye problems or overweight – Disturbances of the intestinal flora seem to be at the very beginning of the pathogenesis of these diseases.

The Leaky good syndrome (permeable intestine) is having Multiple sclerosis , Parkinson, migraine , irritable bowel syndrome, heart disease, psoriasis and rheumatism, to name just a selection of all the ailments that can form when the intestinal mucosa is defective due to years of unhealthy lifestyle and diet.

Therefore, who wants to be healthy, must first of all for a healthy digestive system – z. B. over a colon cleansing or (as a gentler alternative) the Rehabilitation of the intestinal flora ,

In addition, as the liver is our most important detoxification organ, special measures for vitalization and Regeneration of the liver be performed. However, the liver alone benefits enormously from a colon cleansing. Because the liver receives directly via the portal vein everything that is absorbed from the intestine – useful and nutritious, but also harmful and toxic. The healthier and cleaner the intestine, the more efficient the liver can act.

10. Regulation of the acid-base balance

The acid-base balance has long been out of balance in many people due to the typical modern way of life, leaving a latent acidosis is commonplace and weakens the organism even further, especially if it is already ill.

Acid-forming foods are meat, sausage, cheese (and other dairy products), sweets, as well as baked goods and pasta, and thus the nation’s staple foods. On the other hand, vegetables, fruits, salads, herbs and sprouts are metabolized in basic terms, ie those foods that only play a secondary role in conventional cooking.

stress , Lack of exercise and sleep disorders In addition, they have an acid-forming effect, so that a disharmonic acid-base balance is no longer a miracle.

However, if you have your diet on one base excess diet change over, move more, activate your lymphatic system, optimize your vital substance supply and also take in basic minerals (eg Basencitrate ) and rehabilitate your intestine, then even with these measures is a significant acid discharge instead.

Should look for a corresponding Test to determine the state of your acid-base balance further deacidifying steps must be initiated, come different Entsäuerungsprogramme in question, where the Deacidification with base concentrates the simplest procedure is.

11. If necessary detoxification

We are in daily contact with numerous toxins and pollutants that flow from the air, the food and personal care products in our body.

Even a colon cleansing, the refurbishment of the intestinal flora, the activation of the lymph and the regulation of the acid-base balance lead to a strong detoxification of the body.

Who wants to play it safe, can be a possible Heavy metal pollution or have any other toxic contamination checked in the laboratory and then – if necessary – carry out a detoxification program.

In most cases, one combines measures that concretely bind and exude toxins with measures that support and stimulate the body’s own detoxification abilities. For more information on holistic detoxification, see our three-part detoxification series:

1. The detox cure :

  • Why detoxify?
  • Which poisons like detoxify?
  • The three stages of the body’s detoxification
  • How well do you detoxify?
  • The goals of holistic detoxification

Second The holistic detoxification :

  • For whom is detoxification important?
  • How to improve the body’s detoxification capabilities
  • Which vital substances strengthen and activate the individual phases of the body’s own detoxification

Third Detoxification – The Instructions :

  • Specific instructions for detoxification with schedule
  • Expiry of a detoxification program

12. Sufficient sleep

During sleep, the body regenerates and recovers the best. Be careful, therefore enough sleep ! Go to bed early and reduce your media consumption in the evening, as bad news or exciting movies can stress your mind and affect your sleep.

Take care of fresh air while sleeping, so you are always well supplied with oxygen. In addition, sleeping in the dark would be ideal. Especially Cancer cells do not seem to like absolute darkness so much , So there should be no light sources dipping your bedroom into a dim light.

If noise sources disturb your sleep, take care of earplugs, which are now available in many qualities and in different sizes.

13. Healthy personal care products

Many personal care products contain incriminating, if not specific, toxic ingredients that can enter the body through the skin. Avoid this completely superfluous but mostly daily strain on your body.

In terms of body care is less often more. Instead of body lotions you can, for example, just a high quality oil ( coconut oil or olive oil ) use. Instead of shower gels a greasy olive oil soap.

Take a look at the organic supermarket or health food store. There are numerous body care products that contain only a minimum of ingredients and get along without harmful ingredients.

14. Check medication

Many people take medication for many months or years. If you belong to it and you feel worse and worse, check if it is not the medication and its potential side effects are you just making you sick.

In any case, discuss with your doctor at regular intervals, whether you can not stop some of your medication in the meantime. Because not infrequently, the doctor forgets to point out that you no longer need this or that medicine.

15. Relaxation management

Stress is often underestimated, but can lead to serious illnesses and worsen existing diseases or prevent their healing. Therefore, take care of a stress-free everyday life. If this does not succeed, make sure you have a good one relaxation management which causes you to stop stressing so close to yourself.

On the one hand, this includes the intake of so-called adaptogenic, medicinal plants that can make them more stress-resistant (eg Rhodiola rosea ) and on the other hand concrete stress management strategies:

  • It is essential to reduce today’s continuous irrigation through social media, TV and radio. Turn off your smartphone more often. Try to use it only if it can not be otherwise, eg. For example, to call for help in an emergency or to let you know if you are late because you are stuck in a traffic jam.
  • Plan your day well, especially if you tend to want to do a lot at the same time and then you can not really handle anything.
  • In case of seemingly endless conflicts with relatives, colleagues, close friends or business partners, ask a mediator for help to avoid constant conflicts and quickly find a satisfactory solution.
  • If you have financial problems, go to counseling centers.
  • Practice a relaxation technique, such as Tai Chi, breathing exercises . Progressive Muscle Relaxation , Meditation, The Work o.
  • Even a psychotherapy can help enormously, not to be so stressed and to see many things from a different angle.

16. Strengthen the immune system

All points – from 1 to 14 – strengthen, support and relieve the joint immune system – and a strong balanced immune system is the basis of every healing process.

If you have autoimmune disease, look for the term “balanced”. For you this does not mean that with the mentioned measures your wrongly polarized immune system in its wrong direction is still strengthened. Instead, it means that it is brought back into balance so that it no longer acts against the body’s own structures.

Not all at once!

In the case of all the above mentioned instructions, it is by no means necessary to implement all measures at once. It is more about looking at his previous way of life and nutrition exactly and to become aware of his mistakes. For these were the ones in whose presence one could become ill in the first place. So what is good about the old lifestyle? And what is not so good? What could you change and do better?

Which measure sounds meaningful and convincing to you? Do only what you personally feel an affinity for, what makes you happy and what you personally believe in. Discuss the topic of “health” and “self-healing”! Do you enjoy trying the very best for yourself and your body?

Additional measures

In addition to the basic measures mentioned, you can now select very specific measures that are specifically indicated for your illness. When choosing these specific measures, you will be assisted by holistic doctors, naturopaths, health advisors, books or even the internet.

For example, if your condition is due to an imbalance in the hormonal system, hormone preparations that are identical in nature may be prescribed after a hormone test.

Also medicinal plants can be specifically selected for the respective problem – in the form of essential oils, teas or extracts in capsules.

Likewise, there are individual dietary supplements with specific effects on specific diseases. Such is the case Shiitake mushroom extract for cervical cancer displayed CBD oil in chronic pain conditions , Measures to Elevation of the serotonin level in depression and fibromyalgia, sulforaphane in arthritis and resveratrol . curcumin and the Milk thistle in colon cancer.

Do not be distracted by other people!

Please do not be disturbed by acquaintances, relatives, doctors, mainstream media, consumer centers, etc., who want to persuade you that the food and diet certainly did not contribute to your illness and a healthy lifestyle is associated with far too much renunciation, to enjoy life at all.

This raises the question of whether we are actually so caught up in our habits and addictions, that we would rather be ill, endure pain and take side-effect medications, and only once every half a year to do everything differently and to wait and see what develops.

Are we really of the opinion, it is “renouncement”, if one turns away from all the inventions of the food industry (usually cheap raw materials, which are optically and tastefully made with countless additives) and would rather fall back on natural and really high-quality food?

In fact, the non-consumption of cakes, ice cream and Currywurst is not a renunciation, but a profit. If, on the other hand, you stay in the old channel, then you really have to do without, namely your health and the good feeling that a powerful body conveys.

In the case of illness, reports help those affected who were able to help themselves

Surround yourself with positive thinking and supportive people! Whiners, grunts, doubters or even jokers who ridicule all your efforts and ideas are not a good company.

Read Testimonials from people who have healed themselves in illness , Get their books or look at Youtube self-healing reports. The successes of others are very motivating and enormously contagious.

With this in mind, we wish you a lot of fun and enjoyment in your new and healthy life concept as well as health and health.

Get well!

Note: Of course, many conventional medical interventions and therapies are important and helpful. But especially chronic diseases are often chronic because conventional medicine in this area is overwhelmed. Holistic measures can also be used in addition to conventional medicine in the vast majority of diseases. It is not necessary to decide for or against a direction. Both can usually be combined excellently. However, inform your doctor about your intention.

Your training as a holistic nutritionist

Healthy diet is your passion? You love the surplus base, natural diet? You would like to understand the connections between our food and our health from a holistic perspective? You want nothing more than to make all your knowledge about health and nutrition your profession?

The Academy of Natural Medicine trains people like you in 12 to 18 months as a consultant for holistic health. If you want more about that Distance learning at the Academy of Natural Medicine you want to know all the details here as well Feedbacks from current and former participants ,


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