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Sodium: help with autoimmune diseases?

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  • published: 30.04.2018
Sodium: help with autoimmune diseases?

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A daily drink of water and soda could be a cheap and safe way to fight autoimmune diseases – so researchers in April 2018. The Natrualdränk reduce the destructive inflammatory process that is characteristic of these diseases. Soda is commonly known in the US as simply baking soda because it is also used as a leavening agent. School physicians were previously indignant when naturopathic portals reported on the positive effects of soda and referred to this as charlatanry.

Soda could help with inflammatory diseases

Soda ( sodium ) is used for some recipes as a raising agent, such as muffins. But soda is also an extremely cheap and over-the-counter antacid, which means that it neutralizes stomach acid. It is therefore usually at heartburn used. Soda is available in drugstores and in almost every supermarket.

Researcher of Augusta University In Georgia / USA, a study showed that soda apparently stimulates the spleen to create an anti-inflammatory environment, which would be a blessing in chronic inflammatory diseases. The results of the investigation appeared in April 2018 in Journal of Immunology ,


Soda creates an anti-inflammatory environment

If you drink a soda solution (eg ½ teaspoon soda powder in a glass of water stirred), then this leads to a temporary neutralization of gastric acidity. However, the sodium hydroxide solution not only affects the stomach, but apparently also affects the spleen – an important organ of our immune system – and transmits to the spleen mesothelial cells the message that an immune reaction is not necessary.

Mesothelial cells dress the inside of hollow organs, such as the stomach or the intestine. But they also surround the exterior of organs to make them slippery and prevent them from rubbing against each other. Mesothelial cells still protect organs in other ways. They have tiny finger-shaped protuberances, so-called microvilli, which check the environment like small sensors and immediately raise the alarm in the event of a threat, triggering an immune reaction Dr. Paul O’Connor , Kidney physiologist at the Augusta University and author of the study.

The conversation between soda and spleen mesothelial cells takes place with the help of the chemical messenger acetylcholine. The result is a milieu that inflammatory processes inhibits, the researchers report.

After two weeks of sodium hydroxide another immune system

The spleen normally acts as a blood filter. It sorts out old, damaged and otherwise unusable blood cells. Also in the spleen special immune cells (macrophages) are stored. If you drink water with a little soda for two weeks, for example, then this macrophage population will change – not only in the spleen, but also in the blood and kidneys.

So far, when the so-called M1 macrophages, which promote inflammation, were predominant, their number was suddenly reduced by the sodium, the researchers observed in the present study, while the anti-inflammatory M2 macrophages increased in numbers.

Macrophages are especially known for their ability to dispose of garbage in the body. They absorb cell debris or dead cells, keeping the blood and organs clean. Also, they are the first immune cells that are there when intruders enter the body or for other reasons immune system is asked.

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Soda even with weak kidneys

In a study on rats suffering from hypertension and chronic kidney disease, the animals were given water with soda.

A major task of the kidneys is the regulation of the acid-base balance and also of the mineral balance. If the kidneys are sick and they can no longer fulfill these tasks, then it may be that PH value of the blood sinks, so becomes sour and that thereby the cardiovascular risk and also the osteoporosis risk increases.

Clinical studies had already shown that taking daily soda not just kidney related acidosis but can also slow down the kidney disease itself, so that soda is now used in the treatment of kidney patients accordingly.

The slowing of renal insufficiency by the sodium hydroxide is also due to the influence on the immune system (M1 decrease, M2 become the predominant macrophages).

Possible application of soda: autoimmune diseases

If one gave the soda water to healthy students, one could observe the same effect. The distribution of macrophages has always changed so that the anti-inflammatory agents suddenly multiply and outgrow.

Also with other immune cells it came to a change, z. As in the regulatory T cells, which also increased under sodium hydroxide. The regulatory T cells suppress autoimmune processes. So they keep the immune system from attacking the body’s own tissue, which could otherwise lead to autoimmune diseases. This effect was observed in human volunteers for at least four hours after drinking soda water.

So, soda basically does nothing and does nothing, but only supplies the body with an anti-inflammatory impulse, which in turn helps to regulate and harmonize the immune system. The body moves away from the harmful state of inflammation, so that natron u. It could be a very safe (in the sense of low-side-effects) possibility to treat inflammatory diseases. O’Connor.

The dosage of soda for anti-inflammatory

If you want to use soda therapeutically, you generally drink a glass of water (at least 120 ml) with about ½ teaspoon soda powder three times a day – ideally outside of meals, unless you are suffering from severe heartburn. For a neutralization of stomach acid should be avoided before and during meals, as the stomach acid u. a. responsible for proper digestion.

One takes the soda one hour before or after two hours after a meal, z. One hour before breakfast, one hour before lunch and two hours after a light and early dinner.

Further uses of soda – whether in the household or the medicine cabinet – can be found here: Home and Remedy Natron , In addition, soda is a good one Home remedies for blackheads and an important one Ingredient of base baths ,

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